We will exploit every single marketing tool to reach out to our target audience. For more than a year before the expo, Promotional Products Association of India will promote PPAI Expo through an integrated marketing plan that includes print and online advertising, targeted direct marketing, electronic media, social media and public relations.

Website- Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Our comprehensive website gives full information regarding the exhibition and would enable the companies desirous of participating in PPAI Expo. It’s primarily used for Search Engine Marketing, by initiating Google and Bing paid campaigns.

E-Mail Marketing:

A series of permission-based e-mail and e-newsletter campaigns will target tens of thousands of buyers reminding them of the benefits of attending. More than 350,000 emails are sent out every year to promote the PPAI Expo event.

Direct Mail Campaigns:

Key decision-makers will receive targeted direct mailings – encouraging them to attend PPAI Expo 2017 and visit before and after the show.

Print Advertising:

We release newspaper ads in major English and regional newspapers, to create awareness about the event.

Social Media:

Promotional Products Association of India uses various extensive social media platforms, which give easy and direct access to information about its events. We also use paid promotions for Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, which are well-focused, targeted and expertly designed, which brings in the right quality of corporate buyers, managers, and sales and product managers who are the decision-makers that come to this exhibition.

PPAI Blog:

We use the blog medium to express our inputs, about products and profiles of various Exhibitors. Ultimately it will publicize our Exhibitors and the PPAI Expo.

Mobile Marketing:

PPAI uses a wide range of mobile based applications and services to promote the event. This mode of marketing is designed specifically for smart phone users. Smart phones can provide customers with time, location and sensitive, personalized information that promotes goods, services and ideas promptly.

SMS Campaigns:

We conduct rigorous SMS campaigns for our registered and industry based users to provide the PPAI event details.

Radio & TV Commercials:

To promote the event, we provide commercials in order to reach out to remote locations in India. With this medium of marketing, we target people who can’t be reached using print and online media.


Just before the event, we select major locations to put event information hoardings.